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How Much Do Granite Pavers Cost?

There is nothing as beautiful as paving the specific areas of your home including patios, driveways, walkways, and others. The beauty is added especially when you consider installing top-quality granite pavers or granite tiles Sydney in your house. Granite pavers are...

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How to Seal Granite Pavers?

Outdoor natural paving stones like granite pavers are known to readily absorb stubborn stains like water stains, oil, and grease stains. Moreover, the absorption rates of stains by these natural stone pavers are quite high in comparison to the respective porosity....

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Granite Pavers Geelong

Being extracted from natural sources, Granite is considered an ideal natural stone for indoor and outdoor paving projects. This resilient and hard natural stone has a number of applications. Nowadays, homeowners consider granite stones for driveways and walkways...

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How Granite Compliments Wood?

A match made perfectly by mother nature. Both natural products, unique and elegant in colour. Why wouldn’t you use Granite with Wood? More often than not, a simple and consistently toned timber such as Merbau is used alongside Granite, keeping the Granite the “look at...

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What is Granite?

Granite is a natural stone with such large variety, it has endless options. It is a very dense and hardwearing stone, perfect for use in construction as it can bear significant weights and pressures. Granite is perfect in high traffic areas, due to its low absorption...

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How to care for your Granite Pavers?

Granite is practically stain-resistant however one of the key issues to removing oil stains and avoids permanent stains, is to clean the granite paver’s surface as soon as possible. By cleaning granite pavers straight away, it will not allow the oil stains to...

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4 Things You Need to Know About Granite Pavers

Granite has always been one of the leading choices when it comes to choosing a stone for outdoor pavers, swimming pool surroundings, garden area patio, or indoor areas. All the way back to the Ancient Egypt times Granite has been an ideal choice for stone due to its...

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Granite Pavers Sunshine Coast

Water-resistant and durability are two of the most crucial factors that homeowners consider when shopping for pavers. One such quality material for paving projects is granite. Available in different colors, cuts, patterns, and finishes, Granite pavers are an ideal...

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Granite Paves – Adelaide

GRANITE PAVERS - ADELAIDE These Raven Grey granite pavers are actually displaying 3 surface finishes. The pool edge coping tiles have a polished edge with the rest of the coping tile being exfoliated. how to use tinder without facebookWhilst the actual pool pavers...

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Granite Pavers Brisbane

Granite pavers and tiles are volcanic stones that happen to be naturally dense as well as hardwearing. Granite is capable of creating an industrial and aesthetic sense of design to any residential or commercial project. When granite pavers are polished well and used...

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Granite Pavers Sydney

Made out of igneous rocks naturally, granite is a highly sought-after option when it comes to a wide range of construction, building, and landscaping projects. Due to the overall durability and wide options of colors out there, homeowners in & around Sydney are...

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Granite Pavers Melbourne

Since the time of the ancient Egyptian era, granite has served to be the ideal material for construction, paving, and building projects. It has been a highly preferred material because of its overall aesthetics and durability. Moreover, the smooth natural beauty of...

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As a Landscaper having access to high quality stone at a reasonable price aswell as being able to deliver on time every time is hard to find!! Have used them for years and will continue to do so! 🙂

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I drive past Stone and Slate Discounts on my way to and from work each day and they are always so busy, so thought I would stop in to see what all the fuss was about when I wanted to do a project in my back yard. Even though what I was doing was only small, they were more than happy to guide me on what was suitable for my area and spent time with me working out measurements and quantities. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

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