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Black Granite Pavers

Midnight Granite – Flamed

A charcoal-black colour, perfect for entertaining areas where Durability is required (heavy traffic and spillages). Naturally Strong Select Matching Pool Coping

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Raven Grey Granite Pavers


Grey Granite with Exfoliated & Flamed Surface is our best-selling Granite.  High Non-Slip rating Weather-resistant Perfect for Outdoor Pavers

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White Granite Pavers

White Granite – Dove White 

Dove White Granite in an Exfoliated and Brushed finish. Suitable both internally and externally, to give a designer speckled look. Great alternative to White Limestone or Travertine Non-Slippery Outdoor Pavers Cool-underfoot

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Grey Granite Pavers

Raven Granite

Raven Granite in an Exfoliated Surface is great mid-toned granite. A great choice when paving around swimming pools and on driveways. 100% Natural Stone High Non-slip rating Easy to maintain

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Yellow Granite Pavers

Golden Granite Summer Daze

Summer Daze Granite Pavers in an Exfoliated and Brushed surface. An eye-catching light warm golden coloured Granite with creams and golden colours. Non-Slippery Weather-resistant Great Variety & Finishes

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Granite Paving Tiles

Granite Pavers Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is a White Stone paver with a dark vein producing a Smokey look. Looks FANTASTIC when installed around a pool with matching pool coping tiles. Non-slippery 100% Natural Stone

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Grey Cobblestones

Granite Cobblestones Raven Grey Granite – Natural Split

Raven Grey Granite Natural Split Cobblestones are one of our best-selling cobblestones due to being suitable for driveways & pool areas. Easy to install (on mesh) Naturally Strong Durable

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Black Cobblestones

Granite Cobblestones Midnight Natural Split

Midnight Granite Cobblestones are charcoal-black cobblestones, with a natural split textured surface. A popular choice for driveways and garden edgings due to strength. Non-slippery Extremely Durable

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Interested in knowing more about Granite Pavers read on…

If you’re looking for a premium natural stone surface that’s also classy and extremely durable and hard wearing, it’s hard to go past granite pavers.

Granite is an igneous rock which is formed by magma or lava solidifying and cooling over the span of millions of years. Mainly made of quartz, mica, and feldspar, this hard volcanic stone is popular in the building and construction industry because it is extremely tough and durable.

These qualities make granite pavers an ideal natural stone paving for interior floors and exterior outdoor paving areas. Due to its genetic makeup and strength, it is most suitable for driveways and commercial applications where the stone will be subject to heavyweight or pressure. Granite pavers are also highly resistant to scratching and abrasion which makes them super easy to maintain.

As a natural stone with speckles or flecks throughout it, granite is available in a few colours. At Stone & Slate Discounts we offer a range of charcoal, mid-grey and white granite pavers for your choosing. Our pavers are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes whereby you can select thicknesses ranging from 20mm to 30mm and the following tiles sizes are stocked: 500×500, 800×400 with other sizes by request.

When choosing your granite pavers you also want to consider its finish. We have both flamed and exfoliated finishes. A flamed finish means the paver has a textured surface which gives it a non-slip quality. This makes the granite pavers suitable for use around your pool, patio, courtyard or other outdoor areas with pathways and heavy foot traffic.

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