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A match made perfectly by mother nature. Both natural products, unique and elegant in colour. Why wouldn’t you use Granite with Wood?

More often than not, a simple and consistently toned timber such as Merbau is used alongside Granite, keeping the Granite the “look at me” feature, and the wood tying in, to compliment the stone.
Alternatively, you can use a simpler Granite with a feature grade timber, where your Granite with remain elegant and unassuming piece, while the timber is the feature.

pool paving raven grey flamed granite pavers and pool coping tiles

Timber can be used next to Granite to assist in height differences such as sloping blocks. For those tiling around their pool, Timber can also be used as a step onto for diving and bathing, or as a timber decking.

As a general rule, landscapers are experienced in laying both, so you shouldn’t need to shop around with multiple tradespeople.

For those with distinctively large areas, you may wish to break up space or add to your design with a contrast. Timber is the ideal option when dealing with Granite because you can decide where to use it, whether is be as a deck, steps or furniture such as a bench seat or recliner.

As Granite is such a beautiful natural product, you want something that will compliment it, rather than detract, which is shown in the photos above. You can see the different ways in which clients have used the two products, and inspire yourself.

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