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How to Grout Granite Pavers?

When you are modernising your home, it is all about detailing! Just like selecting the right paint for your interior design project, you are required to select the right grout when you are ensuring granite paving in your exterior area. The choice of the right grout...

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Top Benefits of Granite Pavers

It has been hundreds of years until now that granite pavers are being utilised for paving and construction projects all around the world. Granite was a common material to be used in ancient architecture. This natural stones has numerous benefits. Historically, granite...

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Why do Granite Colours Range Beautifully?

Are you planning to install granite pavers or tiles in your landscaping project? One of the major reasons for using granite tiles Sydney for homes or other properties is because of the wide spectrum of colours the natural stone reflects as a part of its unique...

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Everything you need to know about sealing granite pavers.

Most homeowners consider granite pavers a suitable option for outdoor uses i.e. the areas that receive a significant foot and vehicular traffic every day. These areas need strong pavers that endure the weight and heavy movements. Sealing Granite Pavers is always...

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How to set Granite Pavers on Concrete Slab?

Driveways and walkways of your home require something durable to bear up with the immense traffic without the frequent requirement of repairs or replacement. Natural granite stones or pavers –ranging in colours from whites to blacks, tans, greys, pink, blue, and so...

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Why is Granite Perfect for Outdoor Pavers?

When incorporating pavers into the building or landscaping project, you will get multiple choices when it comes to the selection of the right natural stone for your project. A popular option for leading building & landscaping projects is granite cobblestone or...

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Where To Buy Granite Pavers?

Are you looking forward to buying granite pavers? Out of all the natural stone options out there for paving, granite pavers or tiles serve to be the best option. There are several reasons for the same. Granite tiles Melbourne are getting quite famous amongst the...

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How to repair Granite Pavers?

Do you have granite paving at your home? Great! Granite paving is regarded as an ideal solution for landscaping as it helps in not only adding to the overall visual appeal of the area, but also to the durability and lifespan of the paving area. Granite is one of the...

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Types of granite pool coping tiles

The presence of swimming pools in your home is a luxury –especially if you are living in a hot, tropical climatic zone.  When you have to deal with scorching summer heat, swimming pools in your home can serve to be a great respite from excess heat outside....

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Size Options For Granite Pavers

Are you looking forward to designing or renovating the patio or driveway area of the home? Granite paving turns out to be one of the most effective solutions to modern patios and driveways in a highly cost-effective manner. Granite is known to provide access to a wide...

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How Much Depth for 3 Inch Granite Pavers for Driveway

Homeowners need to invest in quality and durable pavers for driveways and walkways. The materials you use for the construction of driveways should be strong enough to withstand the regular foot traffic and heavyweight vehicles without the constant need for...

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7 Tips to Keep Pavers Looking New and Elegant

Pavers are concrete or natural stone slabs that are mostly placed in the garden areas wherein you do not want to grow weeds or shrubs of any kind. Pavers are responsible for not only providing great strength to the given area, but also for making the area appear...

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How to Clean a Granite Paver?

Granite is considered an ideal option for paving. This heat and water-resistant stone have a broad range of applications. The material is especially famous for its low maintenance quality. You can wash granite floors and countertops once a week to restore the shine...

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