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Homeowners need to invest in quality and durable pavers for driveways and walkways. The materials you use for the construction of driveways should be strong enough to withstand the regular foot traffic and heavyweight vehicles without the constant need for replacements.

So, you have selected the type of granite pavers you need and the surfaces you want to decorate with it. You have gathered all the paving tools you might need in the process. Now starts the digging and construction part.

It is important to note that the base of the pavers determines the success of your paving project. The stronger the base is, the longer the durability of the granite paver will be. Before getting started with the construction, choose materials for the foundation. The pavers will be laid on sand and gravel.

So, if you have 3-inch granite pavers, you will need to dig the surfaces around 8-9 inches to get the best height. You have to lay soil and gravel at the bottom i.e. up to 5 inches.

Granite pavers, available in a broad range of colors, are widely used for driveway paving. Being a natural stone, granite is durable and sturdy.

In fact, these natural paver stones have the potential to last a lifetime. If you are planning to install granite pavers on walkways and patios that receive regular foot traffic, then you will need at least a 2-inch thick granite. Go here and check about more information stone and tiles.

Driveways, on the other hand, require a minimum of 3 inches thick pavers to endure vehicles and regular foot traffic.

Digging the Surface

It is not only the pavers’ material that matters, but the way you install pavers can impact the durability of the stone. For example, you cannot place paver slabs (made of natural stone) over the sand base. Here’s how you can get the right depth for granite pavers.

digging the surface for granite pavers and tiles

Find out a suitable finished height for the surface on which you would like to install the pavers. Calculate the accurate thickness of the granite pavers as well as the bedding mix and concrete base. This will help you figure how deep you have to dig the surface for the granite pavers to fit the area.

For instance, 75mm concrete and 20mm granite pavers will require at least 110mm digging. You could use a shovel to excavate about 9 inches. The total depth the area needs will depend on the thickness of the granite pavers you want to install. In this post, we are assuming the thickness of the granite paver 3 inches.

The installation of granite pavers of driveway, walkway, patio, and other such exterior surfaces begins with the preparation of a paver bed.

Remember that the strength of the pavers depends on the placement of foundation materials i.e. soil and layers of gravel.

The process starts with marking the surface that has to be paved. You could place wooden stakes around these surfaces. Another interesting and effective way to ensure smooth and fast digging is spray painting.

You could paint the surface that needs to be excavated. Here, we will walk you through the tips for finding the right depth for 3 inches granite pavers and the steps to excavating the surfaces in a correct way.

Tips for Finding the Right Depth for Your Granite Pavers

Usually, pavers are 3 and a half inches thick. You will need to set up a solid base so that the pavers get the stability they need to endure traffic. 9 inches excavation will be sufficient for you to place base materials up to 5 inches. You have to start by compressing the soil. Place gravel and walk on it to compress it.

measure depth of granite pavers

Alternatively, you could wash it with water to compact the gravel and secure a stable and solid foundation for pavers. You can add multiple layers of gravel until it is only 3 inches from your desired paver’s height. This means you will need a 9 inches depth to build a solid foundation for granite pavers.

It is important to compact the soil and each layer of gravel before you start laying pavers. The stronger the base, the more stable your pavers will be.

Once you are done laying the gravel, you will need to cover it with the setting soil to compress it further.

Make sure the site is completely level before you start to lay granite pavers over it. If you spot any space between the gravel, cover it with sand and compact it until it seems solid and level.

You cannot step on the setting soil that is laid on the gravel. You can only level it with water. That’s it! Your driveway is ready for the final step i.e. laying the granite pavers.


Having the right depth and a solid foundation will hold your pavers in place for years. It keeps these pavers from moving or breaking due to weather.

In the end, how long your paver lasts is determined by its installation and the foundation. It is, therefore, important to hire a professional paver installing company to get it done right.

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