Granite Paving is a prized and highly preferred paving materials by landscaping contractors, property owners, and stonemasons. This is not surprising at all, given the extraordinary properties of granite. Its’ most important feature is arguably its permanence – some of the world’s oldest structures and sculpture pieces are made entirely of granite.


The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans all have built granite structures, some of which can be viewed up to now. Add to that the ease in maintenance and you have a truly valuable paving solution. Hence, it is the material of choice for anyone who wants a structure that remains intact for a lifetime.


Aside from exceptional durability, granite is also sought-after for its timeless beauty. For one, granite pavers come in a large array of colours. We can source you white, gray, yellow, mauve, pink, crimson, black, aswell as other hues of the outstanding stone. You can also choose from various finishes to suit your specific aesthetic taste and needs – thermal, polished, honed, and diamond 8 and 10. Meanwhile, there are lots of exciting shapes and patterns to choose from. The most popular include basket weave, fan, cobble-lock, concourse and half-course square, herringbone, running bond. Using the different paver shapes, like circle, diamond, marquise, and geometric, it’s possible to create other patterns for optimum aesthetic lift.


Ultimately, this wonderful array of colors, patterns, and shapes allows for a great deal of customization. This is perfect to make a property stand out for its uniqueness and beauty. While granite can appear costly when compared to other paving solutions, the benefits that you can enjoy for decades well compensate for its price. With the right contractor, your granite surfaces can give you a lifetime of service.

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