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In the world of paving, granite stones or granite pavers are one of the most commonly used natural stones for building and construction materials. Granite tiles Melbourne are increasingly famous for their overall natural charm as well as durability for major construction & landscaping projects like the pavement of driveways, pathways, patios, swimming decks, and so more. This is the reason why more homeowners in Australia are nowadays choosing granite paving stones over other materials for their landscaping projects.

Since the ancient times of human history, men made use of the granite natural stones and its multiple paving techniques to be used as a major construction material for a myriad of both indoor & outdoor applications.

One of the most striking features of granite is that it provides access to a multitude of natural colors –ranging from whites to black, browns, tans, various shades of grey, blue, green, and even pink. Moreover, there is also variety in specific proportions of various minerals in the natural stone due to which different types of granite pavers find their applications in different scenarios. In this post, we will help you unravel some of the most common types of granite pavers out there, and what their applications are!

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Understanding Different Types of Granite Pavers

If you are looking forward to installing granite pavers for your landscaping project –across patios, swimming decks, driveways, or walkways, it is imperative for you to know about how granite has become such a famous natural stone material in the modern era. It also helps you in understanding why granite paving is quite popular amongst homeowners all around Australia.

Granite is a famous type of volcanic or igneous rock that is formed due to the crystallization of magma. The rock gets formed under the impact of immense pressure and heat & cooling periods lasting for several years. Once raw granite has been extracted from various quarries using advanced techniques, the natural stone then undergoes the polishing process for the creation of a smooth surface.

The utilization of granite for the construction of patios, walkways, or even pool coping with granite coping is regarded as the perfect choice because of its ability to enhance the overall aesthetics of the given space instantly and effortlessly. This could be attributed to the presence of multiple color shades along with abundant grains and blemishes all across the surface of this beautiful natural stone. It is this unique feature of granite that entices many in Australia to choose the same over other construction or landscaping materials out there.

Types of Granite Pavers

Based on the color variations, there are several types of granite pavers out there. Some of the common ones from the leading granite suppliers Sydney, Australia are:

#Grey Granite Pavers

It is a famous variant of granite pavers ranging in the color grade of mid to light grey along with a high quartz content. As such, these stones in your patio or swimming decks are known to sparkle slightly under the direct impact of sunlight. The given granite pavers usually exfoliated or flamed for bringing out the natural colors, and also for providing a non-slip surface for additional safety.

Raven Grey Paving

#Dove White Granite Pavers

It is an exfoliated and brushed finish granite paver delivering a great deal of aesthetic appeal to any given area. The granite serves to be suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor applications. The Dove White granite pavers are also known to carry an impressively speckled look throughout.

white granite pavers

#Smokey Quartz Granite Pavers

Available with an excellently exfoliated and brushed surface, the smokey quartz granite pavers have a charm of their own. It is a white granite tile featuring dark veins for delivering the smokey look. The surface being exfoliated is known to impart a slightly shiny appearance.

grey and white granite pavers

#Midnight Granite Pavers

It is regarded as one of the most hard-wearing natural stones in the world and great for heavy traffic areas. The stone is regarded as the best option for commercial traffic areas and driveways at your home. Moreover, there is no requirement of sealing or maintenance with this granite paver.

midnight granite pavers

#Summer Daze Granite Pavers

Available with an exfoliated, non-slip surface, the summer daze range of granite pavers are known to be available in a slightly yellow granite variant. One of the most striking features of this granite paver is that it is highly weather-resistant and great for both indoor as well as outdoor surfaces.


#Granite Pool Coping Tiles

Being highly durable and weather-resistant, granite is a great choice of material for outdoor applications. When properly sealed and exfoliated, granite pavers become slip-resistant, and therefore, serve as the best solution for granite pool coping.

raven grey bullnose granite coping tile

#Granite Cobblestones

Granite cobblestones are ideal paving materials – especially for the granite cobblestone driveways. This is because they are known for their long-lasting characteristic along with the classic textured finish. This helps in providing traction for steep surfaces.

granite cobblestone

#Snow Leopard Granite Tiles

The beautiful stone resembles the fine strikes of whites on grey surfaces for a wonderful aesthetic appeal. The stone is considered as a great option for exterior and interior walls.


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