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Granite is considered an ideal option for paving. This heat and water-resistant stone have a broad range of applications. The material is especially famous for its low maintenance quality. You can wash granite floors and countertops once a week to restore the shine and beauty of the material.

Granite pavers are extremely durable and versatile. But, the regular exposure to the UV rays and dust can lead to premature wear and tear. Despite being a hard-wearing stone, Granite needs regular maintenance.

Depending on how large the area is, you can clean the granite tiles on your own or hire a professional agency to get the job done with ease. You can make use of services from reliable granite pavers suppliers Sydney.

You can clean Granite pavers with warm water and soapy solution. You don’t need to invest in expensive washing chemicals. The mild cleaning detergents will suffice.

It is important to take the foot traffic and the total area into account before getting started with the cleaning process.

For instance, granite paver at home needs basic cleaning with a common detergent solution. The large areas, on the other hand, may need cleaning companies and high-quality detergents for the best results. This includes shopping malls, restaurants, colleges, theatres, cafes, and other areas with granite floors and walkways.

If you plan on saving a few hundred dollars on your granite paving, follow the below-listed DIY granite paver cleaning steps to get the best results.

Step 1 – Prepare the Granite Paver for Cleaning

Before you get started with the cleaning job, remove furniture from the area. You may also want to trim the plants growing near the driveways or patio. Vacuum the granite paver to remove leaves and dirt. Make sure the paving is clean before you wash it.

cleaning prepration for granite pavers and tiles

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Step 2 – Get a Paver Cleaner

A paver cleaner can be purchased from a hardware shop. Buy a cleaner that is compatible with granite paver. Make sure some cleaners can be quite hard on the patio and may result in permanent stains on the floor. So, check the manufacturing guide and product information carefully before using it on the granite paver.

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Step 3 – Apply the Cleaner

A thorough cleaning of the floor is important before you apply the cleaner. Warm water and soapy solution can wash the paver thoroughly and remove all kinds of debris and stubborn dirt. Wet the area and allow it some time to dry.

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Once you are done cleaning the paver, apply paver cleaner to the surface. Make sure you go over the instructions printed on the package for a smoother application. You could also use a roller to spread the solution evenly across the paver.

The entire surface must be coated with the paver cleaner. You can use other application machines as well. Once you have applied the solution, leave it for at least 15-20 minutes.

The compound must penetrate into the granite surface for deep cleaning.

Step 4 – Use a Pressure Washer to Rinse the Paver

A pressure washer can be a little expensive to purchase. You can save some bucks by asking your friend or neighbors to lend you the pressure washer. If you are going to pressure wash your granite patio stones and driveway pavers regularly, then you can buy it from a local hardware store.

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Read the instructions to use the pressure washer. Spray it across the coated granite surface and rinse the area thoroughly. Let the surface dry.

Step 5 – Preserve the Granite Surface with a Premium Stone Sealer

A stone sealer is highly recommended after deep cleaning. It helps restore the luster and color of the granite paver and keep the surface from scratches and stains.

Like a paver cleaner, you can apply the stone sealer to the granite surface by a roller. Make sure you cover the whole surface and allow it 24 hours to dry. Avoid using the patio until the stone sealer soaks into the surface and dries.

Apply Sealer On Granite Pavers

Apply Sealer to Protect Your Granite Tiles and Pavers Image

The large areas tend to receive a significant amount of foot traffic on a daily basis. You may have to hire a professional cleaning agency for a thorough cleaning.

The professionals use floor scrubbers and premium cleaning equipment to wash the granite floors and pavers. How often you should clean the granite pavers depend on the amount of foot traffic it receives and the accumulation of dust and grime. Go here and check more information about granite pavers.

Usually, granite pavers in restaurants, shopping malls, and other public places need cleaning at least once a month.

Things to Consider When Cleaning Granite Pavers

  • Avoid using acid if you are not certain it will work on Granite
  • Try to remove the liquid stain immediately to avoid permanent marks on the surface
  • Do not use strong and abrasive detergents as they can scratch the stone
  • Rinse the area after applying the paver cleaner. Do not let the cleaner sit on the surface for more than 30 minutes.

We hope you find this article helpful.

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