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Are you looking forward to designing or renovating the patio or driveway area of the home? Granite paving turns out to be one of the most effective solutions to modern patios and driveways in a highly cost-effective manner. Granite is known to provide access to a wide range of interesting colors and patterns that make it a highly sought-after option for landscaping projects amongst homeowners in Australia.

Given its abundant style options and durability, granite cobblestones are the perfect choices for any landscaping or home design project. Whether you are designing the driveway or the walkway, swimming decks, or even patios, you can enhance the overall décor of the space with the help of granite paver installation. The natural hard-wearing stone is known to feature scratch-resistant and anti-slip surface to allow it to appear the best for several years in a row.

How to Choose the Right Granite Paver Size for Your Project?

As the paver industry continues growing, several advancements with respect to the overall size, shape, texture, and pattern comes up for the consumers. As such, if you are in for a customised landscaping project for your home, then let us help you guide through the ways to choose the right size for the granite paver installation in your home.



Residential driveways and pedestrian areas can look forward to achieving the interlock with around 2 or 3/8 inches of paver thickness. For areas experiencing vehicular movements, the thickness is expected to be around 3 1/8 inches.

When you are laying down granite tiles Sydney for heavy-traffic areas like driveways, then pavers of thick dimensions are required to withstand great force while preventing the paving from accelerating and braking tires. The dimensions of the granite pavers Geelong require special regard when it comes to the overall selection process.

Interlock is known to decrease as the overall unit size of the granite pavers increases. As such, this implies that large-sized granite tiles Adelaide should be kept away from areas experiencing heavy traffic. A useful concept is to divide the length by the overall width –referred to as the aspect ratio.

In case the obtained value of the aspect ratio is known to exceed 4, then the given units are not suited for areas experiencing constant heavy traffic like that of the vehicles. When the aspect ratio comes between 3 & 4, then the granite pavers Melbourne can be utilised in areas with limited traffic like residential driveways. The paver size of 4 X 8 X 2 3/8 inches or the 6 X 12 X 3 1/8 inches dimension is known to come under the given range. The given range of granite pavers are regarded as ideal for residential driveways and walkways.

Pavers that have the value for the aspect ratio to be less than 3 are used for any type of vehicular application.

#Laying Patterns

Granite Pavers-size

For residential walkways or driveways, one of the major aspects that contribute to ensuring long-term support of granite paving is the overall pattern in which the pavers are laid down. The experts recommend that there should be a sense of discontinuity when you are executing the bond line pattern in a granite paving project. This is why herringbone patterns granite pavers are highly recommended for such paving projects. This is because in such a pattern, no joint tends to be longer than 1 & ½ pavers.

There are other random patterns for granite pavers that have come in the market as well. These patterns are known to feature similar bond line breaks. Moreover, the given set of patterns can also be utilised for residential driveways as they are capable of resisting repeated forces due to wheel loads.

The larger units of granite pavers (mostly 12 X 12 inches or even larger) are referred to as paving slabs. The experts recommend that such slabs of dimensions 3 1/8 inches of thickness should be utilised for high-traffic areas like driveways. Moreover, it is also recommended to limit the amount required to well to around half of the given area. When you would keep the larger units of slabs from the expected driveway wheel tracks, it will also help in maintaining a stable & durable surface.

In case you are using running bond patterns of granite tiles for the driveway area, then you should ensure that the bone lines are running perpendicular to the direction of wheel travel.

As herringbone pattern featuring granite pavers usually feature the length to thickness ratio to be around or less than 4, this pattern is known to offer the strongest possible interlocking patterns in comparison to others.

When you go for the placement of crushed stone material for the road base under the bedding sand (one inch underneath), along with joining sand between the pavers, the herringbone pattern is known to provide the highest standard of load-bearing capacity in comparison to other common paving patterns.


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