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Pavers are concrete or natural stone slabs that are mostly placed in the garden areas wherein you do not want to grow weeds or shrubs of any kind. Pavers are responsible for not only providing great strength to the given area, but also for making the area appear aesthetic and luxurious. The main purpose of the pavers at your home for landscaping project is to provide a strong base for the driveways and pathways.

While these pavers might be highly durable and weather-resistant, still they need proper care from time to time. Check more idea about granite tiles. The best part about natural stone pavers is that these do not require significant efforts and can be performed without professional help as well. In this post, we will help you to know about the best ways to take care of pavers and how to keep them looking fresh & elegant all the time.

How to Take Care of Natural Stone Pavers at Your Home

Natural stone pavers are known to be low maintenance. You can look forward to keeping the patio or walkway clean & fresh at all times by taking good care of the pavers. The best part is that it takes minimal efforts to ensure that the pavers at your home appear fresh & brand-new.

While most pavers require minimal maintenance, they might easily lose their fresh as well as beautiful appearance if not taken care of properly. In case dust, grime, stains, and weeds tend to accumulate on the natural stone paving in your property, they should be removed to enhance the overall life of the pavers. In case you do not take proper care of the tiles, you will eventually have to hire professional paver cleaning services. This might turn out to be a complicated and expensive affair in the long run.

Taking care of pavers is a simple process. With just a few tweaks here & there and regular maintenance, you can achieve the desired results for the natural stone pavers across different portions of the house –including patios, driveways, pathways, swimming decks, and so more. Here are some of the top suggestions by paving experts in Australia to take care of the natural stone pavers at your property:

  1. Constant Sweeping & Rinsing

The experts for paving in Australia reveal that pavers are known to require regular maintenance for preventing degradation with the passage of time. It is suggested that the removal of leaves, silt, and other debris with the help of sweeping as well as occasional rinsing can be regarded as basic maintenance. You can even make use of the pressure hose or hose pipe with the right cleaning solution for removing oil and grease stains.

clean the granite by sweeping

Concrete pavers can be easily replaced in case they receive any stain or get broken or damaged. You can also consider covering or painting the stains with the actual color of the concrete pavers.

  1. Removing Weeds

Weeds can be easily scraped out of the paver joints with the help of the knife or scraper for carefully pulling out the weeds without damaging the existing pavers. At the same time, delicate pesticides or herbicides can also be utilized for keeping the weeds in the paver joints away from the overall ease of maintenance. You can also make use of the leaf blower for eliminating possible surface dirt.

You should always aim at filling the gaps present within the pavers with proper paver sand. This will help in avoiding silting that eventually becomes a breeding ground for the growth of weeds. The experts observe that the installation of pavers and landscaping is also critical to the maintenance of the pavers while increasing their overall lifespan.

  1. Analyze the Type of Pavers

There is no denying the fact that there are several types of pavers out there. Each type of paver requires a different level of care & maintenance. The experts also explain that there are some materials that are more susceptible to fading, staining, cracking, damaging, and collecting debris in comparison to others.

what type of natural stone paver it is

Once you are capable of understanding the difference between the types of materials, finish, and shape of the pavers, you can employ the right cleaning and maintenance technique for its overall upkeep.

  1. Making Your Own Cleaning Solution

The cleaning solutions in the market are reliable. However, most of them might contain harmful chemicals that might degrade the quality of the pavers in the long run. If you are looking for something delicate for your paving, you can consider making your own cleaning solution. One such option is vinegar that serves to be an excellent cleaner –especially for natural stone pavers.

  1. Rinsing Pavers

One of the best ways to ensure proper care of the natural stone pavers at your home is to keep rinsing them with plain water from time to time.

  1. Applying Paver Sealer

You can ensure that the paver stones appear brand-new with the help of the sealer application.

  1. Replacing the Pavers

While natural stone pavers are known to last for several decades, still you should replace the same in case some major damage happens.


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