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When incorporating pavers into the building or landscaping project, you will get multiple choices when it comes to the selection of the right natural stone for your project. A popular option for leading building & landscaping projects is granite cobblestone or granite pavers. Granite paving are great as these serve perfect for highly versatile projects –especially those involving outdoor applications.

Whether you are constructing driveways or walkways, laying down the patio area, or setting up the swimming deck, you can consider making use of top-quality granite tiles Sydney from the leading granite paver suppliers in Australia.

Irrespective of what you are trying to achieve for the given landscaping or construction project, granite pavers serve to be great solutions for enhancing the overall look of the project. Moreover, they are also known to provide access to a wide range of additional benefits in addition to the aesthetics.

Why Use Granite Pavers for Outdoor Applications?

Granite pavers

“Grey Granite Pavers”

Granite has been in use for outdoor construction or building projects for thousands of years. In fact, in ancient architecture, granite has been one of the most commonly used materials. On historical grounds, granite holds the importance of being used by the royals –for covering lavish courtyards across estates and castles. Given its immense versatility and durability for outdoor use, granite is quite famous to be utilised on high-traffic areas –especially driveways and walkways.

Even in the modern era, granite finds its applications in a myriad of areas or projects. The main reason is that granite holds the ability to completely transform the aesthetics of any area, commercial building, residential complex, or exterior spaces. Wherever you consider using granite tiles Melbourne, you can be assured of improved aesthetics as well as the overall return on investment for the given project.

Granite tiles Adelaide are increasingly being observed in outdoor landscapes and garden areas of modern homes in Australia. As granite happens to be a natural stone, you can easily blend the same with greenery and natural beauty all around. Therefore, with the help of granite tiles Perth, you can look forward to designing a unique space wherein you can enjoy the natural surroundings that extends to the entire house.

Some of the top reasons for using granite floor tiles for outdoor spaces are:

#Improved Aesthetics

Granite pavers are known to be quarried and cut from the large slabs of natural stones. As such, these are known to carry along unmatched natural beauty throughout. They are capable of enhancing the look of any given space wherein they are installed with the timeless charm and elegance. The best part about granite tiles is that they are capable of blending well into any space or surroundings –both for interior as well as exterior applications.


Out of all the natural stone options available out there for landscaping projects, granite serves to be the most durable natural stone material. Therefore, it is regarded as the best option for strong construction projects like driveways, swimming decks, and so more. Granite pool pavers feature a very hard surface that makes it resistant from scratches, stains, wear & tear, and any other sort of damage. When granite pavers are being utilised in the high-traffic areas, these offer the assurance of lasting for a lifetime. Moreover, granite is also stain-resistant and colourfast.


Granite tiles are highly sought-after options when you need additional safety around the pool area. The swimming deck area is known to experience heavy splashes of water all around. As such, there is a higher risk of slipping and falling over –especially when there are kids around. Granite is known for its hard wearing and rough surface that serves to be anti-slip in nature. As such, you can easily install granite pavers or tiles around the swimming deck for improved safety and durability.

#Minimal Maintenance

Granite paving

With granite pavers, another major advantage is that it requires no to little maintenance once installed. The only care that you need to ensure is that you should make sure that the pavers are sealed at least once a year. This helps in adding an additional layer of protection to the pavers while preventing them from permanent staining.


Granite serves to be a 100% non-combustible material. Therefore, it is completely fireproof and heat-resistant at the same time. This implies that you can conveniently use granite pavers near the outdoor fireplace or barbecue. Moreover, it is also not hot too walk upon a hot summer day.


Granite tends to feature a long lifespan. This property makes it a highly sustainable material. When you wish to impart more sustainability to the granite pavers, you can consider setting sand or gravel between the stones such that these become permeable. When you go for the option of permeable granite paving, it allows for effective water runoff and improved lifespan.


When you are starting the design or renovation aspect of any project, you might get multiple options to choose from. However, you should take into consideration the functional part of the project. Out of all such options, granite pavers wholesale or tiles serve to be the best option –especially for outdoor applications. Granite Pavers Australia deliver granite tiles and pavers all across Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Hobart). Get tiles from Australia’s best Natural stone Tile Suppliers.

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