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Being extracted from natural sources, Granite is considered an ideal natural stone for indoor and outdoor paving projects. This resilient and hard natural stone has a number of applications.

Nowadays, homeowners consider granite stones for driveways and walkways paving requirements. Available in multiple colours and irregular shapes, granite is one of the durable and versatile materials. You could also use it for patio and indoor paving construction.

This natural stone is available in gray, pink, black, white, and other such bright tones. The rarer the colour you choose, the more expensive the granite pavers will be.

Granite has been used for multiple construction projects for hundreds of years. You must have seen this stone in the centuries-old monuments and ancient buildings that have stood the test of time. In the early days, people used granite in areas that received a significant amount of foot traffic.

As the material is known for its durability and resilience, manufacturers used it for construction and other applications.

Why Use Granite Pavers Geelong?

Today, they are mostly used for kitchen countertops and driveways construction projects. They can endure foot and vehicle traffic. Unlike synthetic materials, granite pavers can resist weather, high traffic, heavy vehicles, and an unpleasant atmosphere. Given that it is installed properly, granite pavers Geelong has the strength to last a lifetime without showing the wear and tear sign.

  • Enhance Aesthetics

Not only does it offer high durability, but granite pavers add to the curb appeal of your home. Whether you install these pavers on your driveway or patio, they look incredibly good. Unlike other paver materials, Granite never loses its shine. These pavers blend with all sorts of surroundings. That is the specialty of granite pavers.

You could install different types of granite slabs in the corner of your garden or driveway to test their aesthetics. Choose the one that blends well with your driveway and exteriors.

  • Durable

Durability is the best quality of granite pavers Geelong. They are sturdy and resilient. Asphalt cannot endure high temperatures. It cracks when exposed to high temperatures. Likewise, concrete might be a strong and common material for construction. But, it is likely to shrink over time.

Granite, on the other hand, isn’t susceptible to premature wear and tear or cracks. That is the reason why most homeowners consider granite pavers for driveways and walkways. It can withstand high temperatures, unfavourable weather, and excessive traffic.

  • Lower Maintenance

Washing concrete, asphalt, and other floor materials are quite challenging for homeowners. These materials need high maintenance as they are prone to catch stains and blemishes. Granite is easy to clean. Rainwater is sufficient to remove stains and stubborn dirt from granite pavers.

If you are looking for cheap and good quality granite pavers for your next renovation project, commercial property or your dream home. Get in touch with granite pavers Melbourne, we have been delivering natural stone tiles and pavers in Geelong, Melbourne and across Australia from the past 30 years. Browse our range of stone pavers here. We have a range of granite pavers and tiles available in our showroom located in Doveton, Victoria.


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