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Water-resistant and durability are two of the most crucial factors that homeowners consider when shopping for pavers. One such quality material for paving projects is granite.

Available in different colors, cuts, patterns, and finishes, Granite pavers are an ideal option for homeowners looking for a durable and water-resistant paver stone.

Granite paver is the number one choice of builders and architects. Apart from durability, this natural stone is known for its shine and low-maintenance qualities.

Granite pavers are relatively expensive than concrete and synthetic paver materials. But, it can save you money in the long run.

Let’s say you installed low quality and cheap pavers on your driveway. Due to the regular foot traffic and high temperature, the material loses its shine and develops scratches.

Now, you have to replace the pavers as they can’t endure traffic and temperature anymore. Granite pavers Sunshine Coast are designed keeping in mind the temperature and the amount of traffic it will be exposed to.

They look as new and good as they did when you installed them. for more information. Granite-pavers last for years, even if you expose them to an extremely high temperature and heavy traffic.

That’s one of the interesting qualities that make granite an ideal material for paving. Here, we have outlined some common applications of Granite Pavers Sunshine Coast.

Outdoor Paving Projects

To add a sense of consistency to the exterior décor, homeowners use granite pavers to decorate their patios and driveways. They use these pavers in garden, walkways, deck, near swimming pool, and other areas.

These pavers are highly durable and versatile. You can use them in conjunction with different stones or synthetic pavers.

Granite pavers are specifically common in the areas that receive vehicular traffic. The heavy vehicles (both stationary and moving) can put excessive strain on the softer pavers.

That’s why these soft and synthetic materials face premature wear and tear. Natural stones are quite hard and resilient. They can endure foot and vehicle traffic.

Granite Pavers Sunshine Coast for Swimming Pool Coping

Do you know granite pavers are the best materials for pool edging and coping? They are water and weather resistant.

Unless you use polished granite, the normal granite pavers are hard and do not get slippery when exposed to water. If you have a swimming pool, then granite pavers will be the best materials for coping and edging.

In addition to water, granite pavers are resistant to the pool chemicals. They create quite a lavish and clean swimming pool setting. Its water-proof quality makes it a perfect material for bathroom and kitchen flooring requirements. You can also check more information about granite pavers Brisbane.

Granite Pavers Brisbane


It gives a luxurious look to the floor and keeps moisture at bay.

If you are looking for pavers around your pool, patios, outdoor pavers, garden sitting area, driveways or more. Give granite pavers a call today on (03) 9706 9767. You can order a FREE SAMPLE of your favourite tile, we mail out samples every day so if you want one, simply just fill our contact us form and ask which sample would you like and we will mail out the sample at your doorstep. We provide cheapest prices for natural stone pavers. Get in touch for more information click here.



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