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Made out of igneous rocks naturally, granite is a highly sought-after option when it comes to a wide range of construction, building, and landscaping projects.

Due to the overall durability and wide options of colors out there, homeowners in & around Sydney are increasingly opting for top-class granite pavers Sydney for improved aesthetics. Given its aesthetic beauty, granite tiles are nowadays being used for both interiors as well as exterior projects.

Granite is a popular option for high-traffic areas owing to its immense strength and low-maintenance requirements.

Usually, granite tiles Perth is available in the form of 15mm tiles when you are designing interior spaces. At the same time, the construction workers or architects prefer using 30mm pavers for alfresco or flamed finish for exterior areas like driveways or walkways.

From the leading granite tile wholesale suppliers, you can access top-quality granite pavers that serve your purpose well.

Granite Pavers Sydney from the Leading Suppliers

In most cases, you can usually come across a wide range of granite pavers Melbourne from the best granite paver suppliers like us. Some of the leading options to try out are:

  • Smokey Quartz Grey Granite: Available with the unique flamed finish and one of the most popular options for granite pavers –especially for outdoor applications.
  • Summer Daze Granite: Available with a sandy-colored touch with both light and dark intrusions.
  • Raven Grey Granite: As the name of the paver implies, the granite pavers feature the unique salt & pepper coloring. It is yet another popular option for granite tiles due to the presence of its consistent coloring available in attractive flamed finish. The granite is best used for outdoor applications.
  • Midnight Granite: Yet another option for granite pavers in Australia, silhouette grey granite is famous for its trending mid-side grey coloring. The paver is best-suited for outdoor applications for improved aesthetics.
  • Snow Leopard Granite: It is the lighter version of granite pavers with highly consistent grey tones all around. These are fewer speckles like in other granite pavers. This type of granite paver is also great for outdoor applications.

We Deliver Granite Pavers and Tiles in Sydney and across Australia

When you seek top-class granite pavers Sydney from us, you can be assured of the best outcomes –whether you are designing or renovating the existing space.

Featuring some of the most bespoke granite designs, textures, and patterns, you can look forward to designing a bespoke interior or exterior space effortlessly.

Look out for the wide variety of granite pavers Adelaide if you are looking forward to ensuring the overall success of your interior or exterior landscaping project.

If you are looking for pavers around your pool, patios, outdoor pavers, garden sitting area, driveways or more. Give granite pavers a call today on (03) 9706 9767. You can order a FREE SAMPLE of your favourite tile, we mail out samples every day so if you want one, simply just fill our contact us form and ask which sample would you like and we will mail out the sample at your doorstep. We provide cheapest prices for natural stone pavers. Get in touch for more information.

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